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Fine Wire Jewelry Tutorials

Looking backward...

Jewelry is a statement. For millenia, jewelry has been worn by Kings and Queens, as recorded in history books. It has also been worn by the common person - maybe their orniments were made of copper or brass instead of gold or silver. Nevertheless, jewelry has been part of our lives and cultures throughout time.

We know wire art goes back at least as far as the Etruscans (the civilization before the Egyptians). There is a beautiful gold wire necklace in the Etruscan exhibit that is made from what looks to be about 18ga gold wire. It is a simple woven chain that has survived time.

The great thing about jewelry, is that it is not limited to just metals. There are gem stones, both tumbled and fascited, precious stones, semi-precious stones, tumbled stone, leather, plastic, just about anything imaginable can be made into some sort of jewelry. The only limit is the imagination.

How I got started...

Being female, I have always had a fascination for jewelry. I would take one piece of jewelry that I purchased and change it to what I wanted. I like personalized, unique, one of a kind stuff. I finally figured the best way to get this, is to make my own.

Several years ago, we owned a radiator repair shop and I learned to solder and repair radiators. My husband told me that if I could solder a radiator, I could solder silver or gold. So, I bought some supplies and soldered my first piece of jewelry on an industrial sized radiator test tank.

Today, we have a lapidary/silver shop in our back yard and I have turned one of the bedrooms in our home into a Wire Studio. Evolution is GREAT! (hehehe)


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